Who We Are
Innate Ward Chiro is a place to restore your body and mind. It’s home to a community of people that want to take their health and life into their own hands and be the best version of themselves.
Dr Ryan Pope
Dr Stuart Ward spent the majority of his younger years competing in basketball and track & field before beginning to study law. He discovered early on that despite his desire to help people, he was stuck with solving problems AFTER they occurred, not before.
He looked back to his real interests in the human body & optimal performance, and after much research discovered that chiropractic dealt with where health and performance TRULY comes from.
Since graduating the 5 year undergraduate and post-graduate Masters degree with distinction, Dr Stuart has devoted countless hours toward understanding what it takes for YOU to be functioning at 100%, not to mention human structure and function (the biomechanics of posture), nutrition, paediatrics (kids), anatomy and radiology.

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Ultimately, we believe that long-term health comes from the choices we make about how we eat, move and think, all build upon a solid and stable foundation of a healthy spine and nervous system.

Here at Innate Ward Chiro, our purpose is to deliver world-class Chiropractic spinal care, customised to suit your individual health goals and needs. Be it reducing pain, spine & postural correction, managing chronic conditions, or simply maintaining a healthy body.

We don’t guess when it comes to health, and work with you to deliver care based on your specific individual needs and goals.

Get in touch… we’d love to meet you and see how we can help!

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